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Acting Performances

Acting Reel

Featuring clips from:


Closer: A Scene Reimagined


Upcoming footage: 

Accident, Suicide or Murder

Vengeance Girl

Comedy Reel 2023

Featuring clips from 2023 so far!

Police Station Scene
Footage belongs to Stalker
Featurette including highlights of FILA Q & A

"Little Talks"

A short by Emily Kirk 


Closer: A Scene Reimagined
This is a reimagining of a scene from the play and film CLOSER. 
In this universe, Dan and Alice are Danielle and Alice.
A short by Emily Kirk
Intimidating Character Scene
Performing a scene from Mulholland Drive 
The Archibald Studio 
Other Woman Scene
Performing a scene from The Apartment
The Archibald Studio 
Flirty Conversation Scene
Performing a scene from Sex, Lies & Videotape
The Archibald Studio 
Drunken Confession Scene
Performing a scene from Young Adult
The Archibald Studio 
Mom Audition 
An unlisted audition tape that led to being one of the top options for a commercial

Stand Up Comedy & Appearances

The Barkley
This is a set recorded from Hannah Gansen's Bark at the Barkley Stand Up Comedy Show on 2/21/24
Avatar 2 Show: Jennifer Coolidge Impression
I had so much fun getting to perform a set trying to embody one of my favorite performers of all time! This is all in good fun. I do not know Jennifer Coolidge but I think she’s the bees knees!
HypeGirl Comedy
Recorded at Hype Girl Comedy Show at Oaks Tavern.
Katie Afraidy Podcast
I thoroughly enjoyed talking about one of my favorite horror comedies, Jennifer's Body!

Singing Performances

"Hold On We're Going Home"
Cover performed by DEVILY
Cover performed by DEVILY
"Paper Bag"
Cover performed by DEVILY
"Never Was A Love Like Mine"
Cover performed by DEVILY
"The Moth and The Flame"
Cover performed by DEVILY
"Wicked Game"
Cover performed by DEVILY
"Don't Dream It's Over"
Cover performed by DEVILY
"I Put A Spell On You"
Cover performed by Halloweiners
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