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Hello, I am Emily and I want you to GET KIRKED.


I will never forget when a director told me: "Every time you go on that stage,

we GET KIRKED and I love it! Please do not ever stop doing that."

Since hearing that, I have embraced that phrase.  I say it because I am proud to know that what I do as an artist is entirely unique and very much my own. With that said, it is my personal guarantee that I am the only one who can show you what it means to GET KIRKED.


In 2013, I moved from Evansville, Indiana to Los Angeles to begin my career in film and comedy.  Throughout my years in LA, I've worked in TV (Backyard Bar Wars, Eagleheart), feature films (Stalker, Vengeance Girl), commercials (Gong 2022 Super Bowl Commercial), stand up comedy (The Comedy Store, The Improv, Second City), voice work (The College Tapes, Secret Movie Club Radio Hour), and an award-winning short film, Happenstance (Best Romance, Best First-Time Filmmaker) which I wrote, produced, directed and starred in.

My training includes studying theatre and marketing at University of Southern Indiana and I have continued training in Los Angeles with on-camera classes, improv and Meisner acting classes.  As an ongoing continuation of honing my craft, I am studying at The Archibald Studio and since attending, have participated in a voiceover workshop led by Lisa Cordileone. 


I believe in having multiple tools in my tool belt, so I am constantly looking for ways to improve and add depth to my skills. Having minored in marketing, I know that I am my own product and it is incredibly important to keep that product maintained and nurture it to become the absolute best that it can be.

I love finding the beauty in the ordinary and daring to expose audiences to new things.

In the future, I wish to continue working with other passionate artists who are not afraid to show vulnerability and the complexities of the human spirit. Along with stories embracing realism, I would very much like to dive into even more imaginative and otherworldly projects also. In addition to collaborating and contributing to other projects, I take great joy in creating my own art, regardless of the medium.

When I am not performing, I have a blast being a Karaoke DJ, which affords me to let loose and sing some tunes. I am the kind of gal who loves making popcorn at home and watching Turner Classic Movies, but I can also be found going out to drag shows in one of my many, many colorful wigs!  Some of my other hobbies include: writing, experimenting with makeup, and singing covers with my partner in our band, Devily.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and for reading this welcome page. Now, feel free to check out what I have to offer and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us!



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