Hello, I'm Emily.

I'm an international award-winning actor, comedian and filmmaker

in los angeles, California. 

In 2013,  I moved from Evansville, Indiana to Los Angeles, California.  Since being in LA, I've performed in feature films, short films, webseries, sketches, was credited as a vocalist in an episode of the television show, Eagleheart and I've performed on stage in the orignal play "Three Sessions”.  In 2015, I was part of the webseries "RVTH: Genesis" and  also created my first two internet shorts, Little Talks and Untitled.  I'm in two sketch groups called Mixed Nuts and The Madcap Underground and started doing stand up comedy in 2016.  


In 2018, I performed at the 4th Annual Laugh Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival , produced and starred in  CLOSER: A Scene Reimagined ,had a leading role in Prey Film's feature Vengeance Girl, starred in the short film, Farah  and wrote, produced, directed and starred in my short film entitled Happenstance.

Nearing the end of 2019, I am thrilled to have performed in multiple comedy clubs, including my first spot at the famous Hollywood Improv!  The year also consisted of post production for Happenstance and the film will be making its way in the US festival circuit in 2020. Happenstance has currently been awarded one international award for Short Film-"Best First-Time Filmmaker", one award for "Best Romance" and has also earned one international nomination for Best Short Film-Drama!

I studied theatre and marketing at University of Southern Indiana and continued training in Los Angeles with on-camera classes, improv and Meisner acting classes.  To better hone my craft, I began training at The Archibald Studio in June of this year.  I love being a production assistant for Hey Qween TV  and I also have a lot of fun being a Karaoke DJ!  I'm hungry for more projects and am  welcome to new artistic ventures.  Some of my other hobbies include: writing, creating latte art and singing covers with my boyfriend in our band, Devily.

Thank you for visiting.


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